Permanent pop-ups

Matalli Crasset has designed a space where university students can shop for fresh food and enjoy meals in a relaxed environment.

Matali Crasset has designed a convenient one-stop grocery shop for students at Toulouse University in France. 

Crasset partnered with graphic design agency Praline to create Mini M, a social hotspot where students are able to buy a wide selection of fresh fruit, cooked meals, dinners-to-go, canned foods and hygiene items.

With "mini" referring to the small surface area and "M" for market, the centrally located grocery store provides a fitting answer to areas that are far away from city-centres or shopping areas.

Mostly painted in bright green and orange, the grocery shop has been designed to stand out and attract students. It provides an energetic alternative to the otherwise conservative concrete architecture of the student housing around it.

Along with the Mini M, Crasset and Praline plan to develop the Mini R, a complementary university cafeteria where students can sit down and have a meal. The little restaurant will provide students with a relaxed environment to enjoy meals without the time constraint in campus cafeterias. 

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