Paper sleeves

WREN's iconic PPC Cement Laptop Bags now have a sibling! Welcome the Brown Paper iPad/Tablet Sleeve to the family of beautifully upcycled bags.

WREN Design's innovative PPC Cement Laptop Bags, made of recycled materials, have become a regular sight in the South African design sphere.  

But as tablets are becoming ever-more ubiquitous, WREN's introduced a new Brown Paper iPad/Tablet Sleeve to keep your device safe and stylish. 

Inspired by the possibilities of materials and their stories, WREN created a selection of bags that are simple and fit-for-use, but also beautiful and bespoke. 

As the feel of a natural texture is calming, reassuring and warm, the Brown Paper iPad/Tablet Sleeve works as a kind of antidote to the hardy and shiny demands of technology. The sleeve encases the tablet in an organic and recycled material. With the aim to reduce waste and create sustainable products, the sleeve is made from the leftover layer of PPC Cement packaging. WREN’s PPC Cement Laptop Bags use two of the three layers, while the third, saved from the recycling bin, is used to make the iPad/Tablet sleeve.

The paper is fused to cream cotton for strength and lined with black brushed cotton to protect the iPad or tablet from bumps and knocks. Lastly it is treated with an environmentally friendly coating, Nano Liquid Glass, which makes it water resistant.

Taking the sleeves from brown to beautiful, WREN collaborated witht the likes of Daniel Ting Chong, Lauren Fowler and Aimee Lottering to create unique looks for the sleeves. The creatives were each invited to design an image or pattern to be be printed on the sleeves in permanent ink. The result of which is whimsical, playful and oh-so desirable! 

Brown Paper iPad/Tablet Sleeve by WREN design.