Packaging for sake

Simple and elegant, Nendo's packaging solution for a new Japanese wine (sake) reflects the craftsmanship that went into producing the drink.

A carefully crafted product deserves equally well-crafted packaging.

This is exactly what Nendo set out to do when they were commissioned to design the packaging for N, a new sake produced by former soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata and made by the Takagi Shuzo brewery.

Made with the Yamadanishiki and Aiyama rice varieties, the N sake is of a particularly high quality and produced in a limited edition of 900 bottles.

In commissioning Nendo Nakata wanted a bottle that would protect the contents from ultraviolet rays in a shape not ordinarily associated with bottles of sake.

Nendo’s solution is a matte-black cylinder, said to resemble a stick of charcoal. The cap of the bottle results from spinning aluminium into tubular form on a lathe. In keeping with the elegant look and feel, Nendo avoided labeling the bottle as far as possible.

Slight dimples set into the surface of the bottle make for easy handling.

Says Nendo: “Our design stressed the easy, unaffected and very Japanese aesthetic of these details and the care that invites people to simply sit down with the delicious sake.”