OSCAR: Challenging the divide between human and machine

Dutch filmmaker and visual artist Floris Kaayk’s series of interconnected videos tells the sci-fi story of OSCAR, a modular life form.

The Modular Body

Innovative, versatile, and completely fictional researcher Cornelis Vlasman invents OSCAR, a modular body made from human cells. The Online series of interconnected videos was created by filmmaker and visual artist Floris Kaayk as part of, The Modular Body. The series looks at the line between man and machine.

Vlasman and his team of likeminded individuals, stationed in an independent laboratory, create a modular life form using Vlasman’s cells. The living organism is the size of a human hand. Its modular system makes it the perfect platform for further innovations, research and testing.

The Modular Body

The series looks to a future where the body is not a closed circuit. It is designed to have interchangeable limbs, spare-lungs and an electronic brain, making the line between organic life and technology even thinner.

The Modular Body

A modern take on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Vlasman’s creation is kept alive by its creator’s blood. The constant interchange of parts ensures that the creation is kept alive for a long period of time, but Vlasman soon realises that to keep OSCAR alive forever would be impossible.

Watch the trailer below and watch the full follow the storypath here

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