Online platform activates movement against police brutality

Campaign Zero aims to set the wheels of change in motion by simplifying the issue of police brutality through design.

Campaign Zero is a reaction to the recently publicised police brutality in America. The online platform uses infographic design and data visualisation to create a series of policy solutions aimed at putting a stop to police violence. Visitors to the platform are encouraged to share their policy ideas and give feedback or suggestions, which are used to update posted information and drive conversation around various topics.

The company has adopted a three-tiered approach to the problem, which involves limiting police interventions, encouraging community building and ensuring accountability. Everything on the site is geared toward realising these goals. 

The policy solutions are colour coded according to which of the three main goals it seeks to address. Each policy has its own page, where it is fully summarised, visualised and broken down into steps needed to make a change. Research studies, articles, and other documents are also made available to those interested in educating themselves on the historical context, impact and implementation of every policy.

For the “Limit Use of Force” policy, the campaign has started to assemble an open-source database of police “use of force” policies from the largest police departments across America, in order to inform the public of the laws surrounding the matter.

Campaign Zero thrives on data and research, and its team’s focus is to make information as accessible and understandable as possible. Every element of the platform makes use of graphic visualisations and UX design to make facts and statistics as easy-to-understand as possible.