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Obie Oberholzer's latest exhibition is a notable and interesting departure from his typically quirky portraits.
Posted 9 Jun 10 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Well-known South African photographer Obie Oberholzer’s second solo exhibition at the Photographers Gallery in Cape Town, Diesel & Dust Part II, is on show until 26 June 2010.

This second installment of the ongoing Diesel & Dust series is a more saturated and contemplative focus on abstract landscapes, though Oberholzer is better known for his quirky and colourful portraits of people and places.

Apart from photography Oberholzer is also fond of telling stories of his journeys across Africa and elsewhere. He always travels alone, usually on impulse, and sleeps in his car. He abandoned his darkroom at the beginning of 2009, so Diesel & Dust Part II is only his second exhibition featuring digitally produced photographs.