Ode to nature

Paula Scher's new identity for the Natural Areas Conservancy in New York City promotes a message of conservation and restoration.

Pentagram partner Paula Scher uses photographs and a newly designed logo to convey a message of the importance to preserve natural areas in New York City.

Although New York City is often imagined as the ultimate concrete jungle, the city in fact has 2 145 hectares of forests and 1 255 hectares of wetlands and river systems. In order to encourage citizens to preserve the natural beauty of the city, Scher’s new identity for the Natural Areas Conservancy, an affiliate of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, promotes a message of protection and restoration.

Using images captured by photographer Joel Meyerowitz of various natural areas around the city, Scher reveals the Big Apple's natural beauty, opening residents and visitors eyes to this wonderful urban resource. 

People see these photos and say, ‘That’s New York City?’” says Scher.

Each photograph is paired with a logo that is based the outline of a broken frame, symbolic of the idea that nature cannot be contained. The logo is place over the photographs, which appear full-bleed to suggest the vastness of the natural areas and park systems in New York City. The identity makes use of the font Bau. 

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