Not now, maybe later

Check out this interesting innovation that hopes to help procrastinators to... well, procrastinate less!

From the Series

Swedish designer Maria Bergström has realised a new way of measuring and visualising time that may well help serial procrastinators to stop putting things off.

The Shoulda Coulda Woulda clock works like a daily calendar, that helps people to better organise and manage their time, while simultaneously serving as a reminder of the things you keep putting off.

The blank-face wall clock comes with a set of colourful magnets. The leather-covered magnets, representing different assignments are placed on the board. When the clock’s pointer reaches the magnets the assigned should be done, and moved back to the storage plate.

In this way, you will easily see which task you postpone, while also helping you to create structure. If you don’t finish a task on time the clock’s hand pushes the magnet forward. Lagg behind on all your tasks and the pointer pushes all the magnets forward – a not-so-nice reminder of your loafing.