New Ubuntu Award at The Loeries

The Ubuntu Award is a new category at The Loeries, recognising brands that are making a positive difference.
The Loerie Awards 2010 logo
The Loerie Awards 2010 logo

This year a new category is being added to the Loerie Awards. The Ubuntu Award will recognise brands that are making a positive difference in their physical and social environment. Sponsored by web-hosting company Hertzner, the Ubuntu Award is for brands contributing to real social and environmental change.

“The Loerie Awards promotes creative thinking and it is only right that we recognise innovation with regard to our living conditions and help to build a positive future,” says Andrew Human, CEO of the Loerie Awards.

This award aims to recognise those brands that have gone the extra mile to improve the quality of life. This improvement can be in the form of community services or in protecting and enhancing our living space.

Ubuntu Award entries must:

  • Demonstrate a positive social or environmental impact on behalf of the brand
  • Be appropriate to the business of the brand
  • Reflect an active and ongoing campaign that took place in the period of 1 June 2009 to 31 May 2010

Unbutu Award entries need to include an overview of the entire programme in electronic format or on boards, or in a combination of both. The entry must show how the programme has been implemented and what results have been achieved.

Entries should not be based on an idea or something that has had only limited implementation. The Ubuntu Award is for a brand that has made already made a difference.

The deadline for entries is 31 May 2010. Check out their website for more details.