New clothes using old materials

Discarded clothes should occupy your wardrobe instead of a landfill.

Torn T’shirts, pierced socks and accidentally bleached dresses could become someone else’s new favourite. Of the thousands of discarded garments, only a few get donated and recycled, the rest are dumped in a landfill. Founded by Stacy Flynn and business partner Christopher Stonev, Evrnu hopes to transform discarded garments into beautiful fibres to provide a solution to the textile waste problem in the US.

Evrnu hopes to transform the clothing and textile industry by creating fibre using recycled cotton. They recycle old cotton garments, breaking down textiles to create brand new premium fibres.

“This is not an entirely altruistic concept,” said co-founder Flynn to Bizz Women. “We are in a crisis, we are running out of water , if we don't make a move now our environment will run a huge risk and it's game over.”

The future of Apparel

The fibres created by company can be engineered to fit custom specifications, diameters and cross-sectional shapes. The customisation process allows Evrnu to engineer fibres that can create garments as soft and as durable as one's favourite T-shirt or a favourite pair of jeans. The company even created a pair of Levi jeans made of five old T-Shirts and a small amount of cotton.