Natural cuttings

Matali Crasset’s Cuttings range of objects is the result of a collaboration with Dutch glass blower Vincent Breed.

Matali Crasset has been working with the Dutch glass blower Vincent Breed for about ten years. He blows the objects she conceives.

When she was approached by the Granville Gallery in Paris to propose a project with another artist that could be made to work in the gallery space, Crasset decided to collaborate with Breed.

The result is Cuttings, which can be seen in the Paris gallery until 1 July 2011. The starting point for this collaboration was to make a series of objects not predetermined by Breed’s blowing techniques but also made without a mould.

Referring to forms in nature, Crasset looked at the structural capacity of objects for this range. Cuttings consists of a range of once-off vessels that pay homage to nature and natural processes.

For Cuttings Crasset and Breed marked parts of the branches of a chosen tree, cut it but kept certain elements to create bundles that would serve as a type of mould. These clusters of branches, or moulds, then have glass blown into them, burning it into the wood and marking the imprints of the tree’s texture.

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