Musical magic

With Yuri Suzuki's all-in-one musical invention kit, launched on Kickstarter, you'll be able to turn also almost anything into a musical instrument.

With Yuri Suzuki’s all-in-one musical invention kit, Ototo the only limit is your imagination.

Japanese sound artist, designer and electronic musician Suzuki along with Dentaku has launched his first project on Kickstarter, the Ototo – a small synthesiser that allows users to build instruments using conductive materials and simple electronic sensors.

By connecting objects or materials to the keys on the small rectangular musical kit, users are able to create instruments by simply tapping the connected object.

All sounds are made up of three parts: loudness, pitch and texture. Users control all three parts in order to create expressive musical instruments or installations. The keys on the Ototo are arranged like one octave of a musical keyboard. When you connect an object to a key using crocodile clips a unique note is triggered and assigned to each individual object.

From singing fruit to musical fish bowls, the Ototo works with any conductive material such as metal, organic materials, water and all objects that can hold an electric current to create unique musical symphonies.

The Ototo aims to be funded on Kickstarter by 2 March 2014 with a goal of £50 000.