Mobile lifeline

The Lifeplayer is a new mobile innovation with the potential to dramatically improve the state of education in Africa.

The Lifeplayers is an affordable, appropriate and eco-friendly technology developed by Kristine Pearson, chief executive of Lifeline Energy, based in Johannesburg. It is an all-in-one radio, cellular device, MP3 player and internet-enabled device. By providing individuals, families and communities access to vital information and education, the Lifeplayer could go a long way to empowering people in developing regions.

This solar-powered technology comes with 64 GB of memory and an additional 32 GB SD, making it possible to download podcasts and MP3 files on an endless variety of topics. Users can listen to the radio, download media content or pre-load content from the internet and play it to a large audience, making it an innovative tool for democratising education.

At a cost of around $80, it’s still limiting access but Pearson explained that Lifeline Energy hope to collaborate with education ministries, schools, NGOs and businesses who will be the key market. The groups would then be encouraged to use the Lifeplayer in various group situations.

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