Mister who?

Meet Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody. Their collection of African-flavoured domestic curiosities runs the spectrum of quirky cool.

Welcome to the world of Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody where golden chickens reign supreme and people go to heaven in luxury German sedans.

Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody is a couple of (female) gents: artist Sharon Lombard and graphic designer Heidi Chisholm, both South Africans now based in the US.

Their range draws on their own wry sense of nostalgia for their home continent and a love for its traditional craft. Their label – so named because as an immigrant, you “leave as Mr Somebody and arrive as Mr Nobody” – is an exuberant embrace of Africa’s flashy leaders, the make-do ingenuity of its everyday people and flare for quirky decoration

For example in Ghana, it is customary to send loved ones off in beautifully carved, painted coffins that resemble the deceased’s most precious possession in life… a sewing machine, a cellphone, a Coke bottle. Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody’s turned these containers into the final resting place for your clutter.

Also in their range of quirky homeware are buckets that double up as seats, scatter cushions that look like radios, ceramic plucked chickens and glittering doilies.

You can also step out in Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody style with one of their cheeky khanga cloths.