Miss Arty

Pauline Irvine combines her love of paper designs with her interest in paper cutting, as a form of illustration.
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Artymiss design studio is the result of Capetonian Pauline Irvine’s longstanding dream to establish a career in paper design. Her love of stationery and paper set her on a mission to create extraordinary paper artwork.

Renowned for quality and attention to detail, Artymiss teams great design with laser-cut technology to create truly unique pieces.

We caught up with Irvine to find out a bit more about her inspirations and preferred techniques:

What inspires your work? 

My inspiration for the cards draw on many different things. I have always loved and collected beautiful stationery, which has allowed me to develop a bank of inspiration over the years.

I keep myself inspired by constantly trying new ways of working with paper. I am increasingly interested in making cards with a three-dimensional effect, and constantly trying to learn new methods and techniques for this. I recently completed a course in making pop-up books at Central Saint Martins in London, and look forward to introducing a pop-up element to some cards.

Furthermore, I look to amazing paper artists like Rob Ryan and Peter Callesen for inspiration. 

How did Artymiss come about?

From an early age I wanted to have my own stationery range. Since I was young, I always loved making things with paper - from folders, to boxes, to bookmarks and all sorts of other paper creations. My interest in paper cutting developed later on when I studied graphic design at Stellenbosch University. We were encouraged to experiment with all sorts of artistic techniques, and here I became interested in using paper cutting as a form of illustration. These two interests merged and Artymiss was born!

What does your creative process involve?

In the design phase I make as many mock-ups as possible. This allows me to experiment with what works best for three-dimensional designs, and to play with the effects of light and shadow.

Do your designs follow a theme of any kind? 

Not necessarily, but I do often like to draw on local subject matter.

Do you work with collections or rather individual pieces?

Both. Often a design starts off as an individual creation and the inspiration following it becomes a theme, and then the theme turns into a collection.

What materials do you work with and prefer to work with?

In the designing phase I use paper and a craft knife. When the design is finalised I have the cards laser cut.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you are currently working on?

I have recently completed a range of African inspired Christmas cards and gift tags. I am currently working on several custom corporate Christmas cards.

Artymiss will reveal a new collection, not to be missed, at Design Indaba Expo 2013.