Milkweed creates unisex garmets from thick-knit textiles

Brighton design brand Milkweed creates biodegradable, sustainable, unisex knitwear from local, organic yarn.

Brighton-based designer Tallula Bentley recently graduated from the university in her hometown with a degree in textile design. She has since gone on to create her own brand, Milkweed, which produces biodegradable and sustainable knitted textiles.

Bentley has made it a brand priority to create only fair products, both for the customer and for every person involved in the making of her garments. Milkweed sources organic local materials and yarns for each item and recycles and reuses wherever possible. 

“We have to learn to think more long-term about the consequences of what we are doing, while we are doing it,” states the Milkweed website. “Clothing and textiles have long been connected to material necessity but can also celebrate culture, innate sense of place and to convey the individual.”

The Milkweed range consists of clothing, accessories and products procuded with sustainable knitted textile. The garments are designed to be unisex and contemporary in their form.