Marcus Marritt sketches from the silver screen

Leicester-based artist Marcus Marritt creates bold illustrations of sultry characters that are often inspired by movie scenes.

“I try to create visual narratives, often with a sexy and playful theme,” says UK-based illustrator Marcus Marritt, who often draws inspirations for his geometric characters from movie scenes. He’s a particular fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s twisted tales. Marritt will be watching a movie and suddenly have to pause the action to take a quick sketch of something that sparks an idea for him.

Working as a freelance illustrator and art director in Leicester, Marritt finds he is drawing and creating everyday.

“I often find I produce my best work when in an insular mood. This process is more exaggerated when working on personal projects. I like to switch myself off from the world. It allows me to focus on the narrative and environment I want to create in my work. Music is a great mood setter for me. It really is the greatest feeling when I know I’m happy with the direction of my work and close to completion.”

Marritt’s illustrations feature only a few colours and he draws on a few essential characteristics to create humour and some kind of sexual appeal.

“I feel unable to switch off when looking at the world in terms of how I can reproduce what I see, only with a new colour palette, or from a different angle, or new interpretation.”