The making of place

Landscape designer Dan Pearson makes places that aim to be both functional and emotionally uplifting.

Landscape designer Dan Pearson works in close collaboration with architects, designers and crafters on projects that range from private domestic gardens to large rural estates, publc parks and civic landscapes.

Describing their work as “place-making”, Dan Pearson Studio's work is supported by a dialogue with the surrounding environment, buildings and users of the space. The aim of their work, ultimately, is to “arrive at simple, functional and emotionally uplifting places”.

Pearson’s work is driven by certain key features:

  • The careful integration of structural elements
  • The considered use of local materials and methods
  • The naturalistic use of plants
  • The understanding of the natural ecology
  • Planting schemes that reflect natural cycles

A quote on Dan Pearson Studio’s website best summarises their approach to landscaping: “Landscaping may be inspired by geology, natural history or the local vernacular, but is honed and refined by human needs, and detailed with precision and subtlety.”

Dan Pearson will be speaking at Design Indaba Conference from 29 February to 2 March 2012. 

Watch the Talk with Dan Pearson