Making faces

Have you seen these faces around Cape Town, or have you seen the FACT bags that tell a little story about life in the townships?

From the Series

FACT, or Faces Around Cape Town, is a line of quality leather and canvas bags, but with a twist.

A unique range of photographic images are printed onto the canvas that is used to make the bags. The photographs are "slice-of-life" depictions of life in the township around Cape Town.

FACT is part photographic expression, part community project. Apart from making bespoke bags that capture the essence of life in Cape Town, the initiative also raises funds to enable a better education for children from disadvantaged communities.

Each bag is unique and comes in a limited edition of 100, with the leather, printing and assembly of the bags being of the highest quality.

See FACT on stand 1108 at Design Indaba Expo from 25 to 27 February 2011.