Lookbook: Anthon Beeke's KunstRAI Posters

We look back at the Dutch graphic designer's iconic posters for KunstRAI, the Dutch art fair, to see just how creative a portrait can be.

Every year KunstRAI, the Dutch art fair, creates an iconic poster to promote its event, featuring a prominent Dutch creative. The portrait reveals the creative with a “mask” to reference a well-known design they have created. For the 30th edition of the fair, legendary graphic designer Anthon Beeke, the man behind the famous series of posters, features the "hippy with a business plan”, Daan Roosegaarde “masked” by symbols taken from his Smart Highways project.  

KunstRAI took place last week with an accompanying exhibition of Beeke’s posters, featured above in our gallery of images. The national art fair shows modern and contemporary art by Dutch and other artists in 60 galleries across the city, reflecting the pluralism of the Dutch art scene. The event is a platform for painters, sculptors, photographers, multimedia artists and designers to gather together and meet one another, as well as collectors and art lovers in the Netherlands.


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