Keep it down

If you want to keep hearing the music, you need to turn it down every now and again. Hat-trick's latest project highlights how loud music can damage hearing.

It might be true that if it’s too loud, you’re too old. But it is definitely true that if it’s too loud, it’s probably having a negative impact on your long-term hearing ability.

And this is an issue that one definitely needs to hear more about. Hat-trick’s latest project was the design of an advertising campaign for the UK organisation Action on Hearing Loss. The initiative aims to make more young people aware of the dangers of listening to loud music for too long.

Hat-trick wanted to visually drive home the message that loud music can cause permanent hearing damage, and did this by depicting a young person with a nail driven into their ears.

The statistics supporting the need for such a campaign speak loud enough in themselves:

• 90% of people have experienced ringing in the ears after a night out.

• The decibel levels at some night clubs reaches 11dB(A). This is the same level as a pneumatic drill.

• 10% of adults in the UK experience mild tinnitus. Up to 1% of adults have tinnitus that affects the quality of their life.

The campaign comprises sheet posters, a cinema ad, posters, flyers and more. The work follows on from the identity that Hat-trick created for Action on Hearing Loss last year. Read more about it here.

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