Jewellery made from everyday items

Johannesburg-based alternative jeweller Belinda Phofu uncovers the untapped potential of everyday items.

Belinda Phofu, a 23-year old creative makes jewellery using mundane items that one can easily walk passed on the streets. Her jewellery is created using items such as buttons, clips and clothespins. Her creations exist under her brand SIIC, which stands for Style Is Incalculable. Phofu believes that style is abstract and “art is within itself and has no boundaries”.

Forced to take a gap year from her studies, Phofu began making jewellery for herself in 2011. The positive response from her friends and a number of her peers encouraged her to turn her hobby into a business venture.

She says her work is inspired by life experiences.For Phofu, her jewellery and the success of her brand is evidence that she was able to turn a frustrating time into fuel for her own creativity.
What began as a way to make jewellery for like-minded individuals has now evolved to include people with a range of different styles and tastes. Phofu believes that the diversification of her business model has helped her range grow.

Phofu plans to expand her business into clothes and styling. 

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