Jazz up your iPhone

Granimator is a cool new iPhone app that allows you to make your own musical wallpaper.

Granimator is a new sound-based iPhone and iPad app that allows you to add a touch of creative and musical flair to your wallpapers.

The app was developed by ustwo while Airside design studio created the themed Granimator pack for the UK launch. Called Eyejazz, Airside’s pack allows the user creative freedom with certain guidelines to ensure that the arrangement that the user comes up with looks great.

Eyejazz works on an isometric grid where shapes can always be made to interlock when rotated or scaled, making it easier to create patterns.

The Granimator allows iPhone and iPad owners to use the interactive elements of the touch screen to be creative while also playing around with the graphic and illustrative elements to create musical wallpapers. Different graphic elements can be dragged onto the screen to create the wallpapers.

Each element in the created composition represents a different sound which is played when the screen is tapped. Visual and melodic tweaks can be made to the composition before saving it as iPad or iPhone wallpapers and sharing with others in Twitter, Flickr or granimator.com.