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Hjalti Karlsson won the 2013 Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize. Here's a look at a selection of work the jury considered in awarding him this prestigious prize.

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Last week Icelandic graphic designer Hjalti Karlsson, one part of design duo KarlssonWilker, was awarded the prestigious Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize for 2013. The award honours designers from Scandinavia and supports design and decorative arts in the Nordic region.

This year Karlsson was acknowledged for his broad approach to graphic design, typography and visual communication.

The eight designs featured here are the ones the jury considered in awarding the prize to Karlsson. 

They include:

1. A cover for TIME Magazine. The publication invited Karlssonwilker to co-curate, co-write and design a 12-page feature and cover for their end-of-the-year’s The List Issue, which highlights the top ten features of the year.

2. The Wolf-Gordon Sculpture. The sculpture was composed of 250 slides, which were covered in various Wolf-Gordon products, including textiles, wall coverings and mirrors.

3. MINI Another Day Another Adventure. Karlssonwilker collaborated with Dazed & Confused magazine to design a 12-page feature on today’s fashion and urban adventures. This project was merged with MINI Coupe’s original three-dimensional CAD files to fuse the real with the artificial.

4. Skirl Records. Karlssonwilker have been responsible for the jazz label’s material since their inception in 2007. The cover designs are seen as an experimental playground for Karlssonwilker, who are currently working on the 22nd CD cover.

5. Tell Me Why. In 2003, Princeton Architectural Press published Tell Me Why, the story of Karlssonwilker studio’s first two years. The duo designed the cover and layout of the book.

6. Museum of Moving Images. Karlssonwilker worked closely with New York’s Museum of the Moving Images to design a new identity system, including a logo, way-finding system, printed collateral and marketing materials.

7. The Goldman Warehouse. For this project the duo designed the identity and exterior signage for the Goldman Warehouse, an art gallery in Miami’s Wynwood district that is devoted to private collections of abstract art.

8. Puma. Karlssonwilker collaborated with Puma to design a series of sneakers sporting edgy graphic design and typography.

Hjalti Karlsson will receive the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Prize at a ceremony in Gothenburg, Sweden on 4 November 2013. His exhibition there will open at the same time. 

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