Going solo

Nendo's Solo Exhibition in Taiwan plays with different manifestations of black and white.
Posted 25 Aug 11 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Nendo’s Solo Exhibition  at the National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute will feature two of the Japanese studio’s collections.

Taking place at the end of August 2011, Nendo will be presenting “Think Black Lines” and “Dancing Squares”.

"Thin Black Lines" is a collection of furniture from their “Still Black” range, which has been given a makeover. Nendo wanted to use “active black on white” for this exhibition, resulting in drawings on the floor flowing like river water around exhibition stands.

“Dancing Squares”, on the other hand, is a collection based on the idea of “active white”. For this, Nendo created a room-size sketch which they fixed to the walls and floor using a fish-eye, lens-like technique. The idea here was to create the effect that viewers are seeing it all through a tiny water drop.