Glass houses

Bright and shiny, Shanghai’s new Museum of Glass highlights the endless possibilities of this material.

The recently opened Museum of Glass in Shanghai is part of the Chinese city’s initiative to become a creative and cultural centre of global accord. As such, the Museum of Glass is part of a project that hopes to see 100 museums launching here in the next decade.

The architecture and the exterior of the museum was done by Logon, a Shanghai-based German architectural firm, while Glashütte Lambets, also a German company, supplied the enamel glass for the facade. Jargon and terms relating to the glass-industry is inscribed on the facade in 10 languages.

Coordination Asia took care of the overall museum concept, art direction and design supervision of the interior of the Museum of Glass. This organisation was also responsible for the curation, marketing and operational elements of the museum.

The Musuem of Glass is one of 30 former bottling plant structures still owned by the Shanghai Glass Co. It was also once a glassmaking workshop.

By incorporating LEDs and screens in the interior, the sleek black glass is reflected to create a shiny and glittery multi-dimensional look and feel.