Future by design

The Vitra Design Museum is presenting the largest ever solo exhibition of German designer Konstantin Grcic's work.

Serious, functional, unwieldy and occasionally disconcerting, Konstantin Grcic’s work combines an industrial aesthetic with experimental, artistic elements. This unique design style can now be experienced in full at the Vitra Design Museum as they present the largest solo exhibition on Grcic and his work to date.

The Panorama exhibition sees the German designer developing three large-scale installations that showcase his unique outlook on what he believes life in the future will entail. These installations include a home interior, a design studio and an urban environment.

The installations aim to provide stages for fictional scenarios confronting visitors with the designer’s inspirations, challenges and questions, as well as placing Grcic’s work in a greater social context.

The exhibition also presents the daily work process of Grcic. From finished designs to prototypes, drawings and background information, Panorama demonstrates how design is more than mere problem solving for the German designer, but rather a highly complex process that integrates coincidences, ruptures, chance discoveries and a profound engagement with the visual culture of time.

The exhibition was developed over three years of close collaboration with the Vitra Design Museum. The result is a striking presentation of narrative and visual intensity, situated on the cusp between present and future, reality and fiction, says Grcic.

The exhibition is accompanied by a 320-page catalogue, which gives further insight into the works of Grcic.

Panorama is on display at the Vitra Design Museum in Germany until 14 September 2014. 

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