Freedom food

Marije Vogelzang celebrates Liberation Day in the Netherlands with the design of a "Freedom Bread".
Freedom Bread by Marije Vogelzang.
Freedom Bread by Marije Vogelzang.

Marije Vogelzang celebrates Liberation Day in her home country, the Netherlands.

Dutch eating designer Vogelzang was asked by 4&5 May Committee, the organisers of Freedom Day dinners, to design an eating ritual for the 2014 celebration. Known as Freedom Dinners, the various events around the country encourage participation and provide a space where stories and food merge into a collective commemoration of wartime.

For the 2014 celebration, Vogelzang has designed the Freedom Bread, a rye bread that reveals a white centre when it is broken and shared.

In World War II, rye bread was referred to as ’government bread’ while white bread is associated with liberation, says Vogelzang.

The Freedom Bread is a symbolic representation of how dark times are fading and light is entering into the lives of many.

Liberation Day and Freedom Dinners are celebrated on 5 May every year. 

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