Food forward

Pearlfisher's Taste Insight report explores trends in food and drink, and finds that our relationship with food is experiencing a renaissance of creativity.

Taste Insight is a report compiled by brand and design consultancy Pearlfisher. It explores the big shifts that are happening in the world of food and drink.

Taste Insight is part of Pearlfisher’s “Insights” programme, an initiative by the company to develop an understanding of creative and strategic opportunities for brands.

Focussing on both cultural and category change, the report includes the opinions of experts and opinion formers in a position to comment on the changing nature of food and our relationship with it.

The report consists of three different aspects: Preserve, Dirty Food and Seasonaire.

The Preserve section looks more deeply into the sources of our food, considering the cultural, communal and educative value of food products and suggests that what people want are “real gestures that feel natural and instinctual”.

Preserve looks at how communities can unite in the sharing of skills.

Dirty Food, “Grown in the Earth”, offers insight into the growing desire for a healthier and more wholesome world. The relationship that we, especially children, have with food needs to be reinvigorated and it needs to be linked back to its origins in the “dirt”, celebrating the joy of homegrown.

The Seasonaire aspect of the report found that food is experiencing a “renaissance of creativity”. Seasonaire refers to a food experience that promotes the seasonal and food’s natural cycle.