Food fight: Sita Bhaumik

It boggles artist Sita Bhaumik’s mind that contemporary famines are manmade.

From the Series

Sita Bhaumik is a food-obsessed interdisciplinary artist, educator and writer born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles to Indian and Japanese Colombian parents. Her work Dust entails intricate sugar and curry patterns laid out on sidewalks.

Because food is something that affects us all, does that make us all eating designers?

Yes, and I’m also a neuroscientist because I have neurons.

Is food culture, diet or money more important?

Culture and money determine diet, but there’s no amount of money that will convince us to eat things that are culturally taboo (meat, pork, beef, milk, offal, insects, each other). We are what we eat – and what we don’t eat.

Can food create world peace?

Absolutely. It boggles my mind, but contemporary famines are manmade. While we might declare a war on hunger, we must also remember that hunger is a wartime strategy. If famines are bound up with violence, war and genocide, then the opposite must be true: If food is necessary for survival, then it is also necessary for peace.