Food fight: Daljit Singh

Food won’t create world peace while religion and football are in the way, says Daljit Singh.

From the Series

Daljit Singh is better known as one of London’s leading digital creative directors and one of the founders of the iconic company Digit. Now he heads up the interactive design agency Conran Singh and nurses his passion for his grandfather’s Bangras – a north Indian take on pork bangers, which he has packaged into an award-winning brand.

Because food is something that affects us all, does that make us all eating designers?

No. Is the guy in Dalston who drops the KFC bones on the floor an artist? But any food created with love could be argued to be design.

Can food create world peace?

No, not while religion and football stand in the way!

Why do we eat shrimps but not insects?

Who’s we? Plenty of people eat insects; they just might struggle to email their opinion over. It’s cultural; we’re brought up to be scared of insects here.