Eye for programming

The Bright Eyes Kit seeks to take the bland and boring out of programming to make it easy, fun and accessible.

From the clever folks that brought us the DIY “Technology Will Save Us (TWSU)” kit comes the Bright Eyes Kit – another DIY technology kit but this time it inspires people to learn programming.

And the best part of all is that it has been designed to make you look cool while doing it!

Initiated by creative duo Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschmann, the kit aims to make programming more exciting while also emphasising that it need not be limited to designing websites and apps.

The Bright Eyes Kit consists of a pair of glasses with 174 LEDs, which allows the wearer to programme. The LEDs are able to play back graphics and videos off a micro SD card, or it can be controlled using any microcontroller platforms.

More than that, the Bright Eyes Kit is Arduino compatible, which means a microphone or light sensor can be added to it to make it more responsive.

The plan is that all the code will be open source and freely available. TWSU are working on easily navigible and understandable tutorials for programming the glasses in various ways.

Users will then be able to create standalone graphics, animations, or generative visuals.