Essentially organic

Luxurious, sustainable and gorgeous, Pacific Perfumes rethinks organic scents and its packaging.

When a consumer product is able to be both luxurious and sustainable you know it’s a good one. And this is exactly what a small, but very innovative, New Zealand-based company managed to achieve with their perfume and its packaging.

Pacific Perfumes recently unveiled an artisan line of solid perfumes with complementing packaging that is simple, authentic and environmentally sustainable.

The perfume packaging, which saw Pacific Perfumes pick up a HBA International Package Design Award in New York recently, is made from recycled and biodegradable cardboard. The main container is made of wood with a snap-together systems that holds the solid perfume together. No glue is used on the packaged and the inks are vegetable-based. These sustainable elements work particularly well with the botanical perfumes that are made entirely from organic essences.

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