Emerging Creative catch-up: Lazi Mathebula

2013 Emerging Creative Lazi Mathebula, aka Greiispaces, is one of 50 international illustrators currently exhibiting at .M Contemporary gallery in Australia.

From the Series

Lazi Mathebula is a Johannesburg-based illustrator and art director at Lowe and Partners Advertising. His bold illustrations, found on T-shirts, wallpaper, iPhone and laptop covers, landed him a spot as one of the Emerging Creatives at Design Indaba Expo 2013.

Just a week after Design Indaba Expo 2013, he had a show with Kalashnikovv gallery in Braamfontein called the Illustrators Show. Since then he has shown with the gallery three times and has even had his work on display in Zagreb, Croatia. “My work got featured in Migrate magazine twice, and I was also commissioned by Adams & Adams Attorneys to illustrate an advertisement for them in Migrate magazine,” he says.

Most recently Mathebula was included in the group show The Path Less Deconstructed. The exhibition at the .M Contemporary art gallery in Sydney, Australia opened on 14 December 2013, featuring 50 illustrators from around the world. Illustrators were invited to submit an original single edition print to the show.

Lazi says that the Emerging Creative programme not only upped his level of work and his dedication to his craft but was also a great opportunity to build up contacts and connections that he still keeps up with. “One of the most valuable things that I got from the programme was contacts as well as a sense of appreciation for and feedback on my work,” he says.

Currently Mathebula is working on expanding his range to include interior design and home décor products, as well as setting up his own online store.