Educational integration

The Inkwenkwezi Secondary School in Du Noon township serves as a beacon of aspiration, highlighting the importance of education.

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The Inkwenkwezi Secondary School in the Du Noon township outside Cape Town is more than a structure that facilitates teaching and learning.

Designed by Noero Wolff Architects for the Department of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape, the school serves as a beacon for raising the aspirations of local people, highlighting the importance of education and focusing on the need for education to be more accessible to all.

Located on the edge of a township that accommodates more than it’s fair share of cultural diversity, the design of the school is robust and practical, while also being crafted in a visually appealing way.

Noero Wolff chose concrete for the main frame of the school while blockwork was used for the infill, as they found this to be the best way to exploit the minimal budget.

The classroom and hall space were specifically designed to allow natural light to filter in through the roof and bounce off the walls to reduce glare.

Graphics and colours used on the exterior of the building took heed of the surrounding buildings to ensure that the school integrates with its built environment, thereby making it even more accessible. Colourful, hand drawn signage was incorporated to capture the vibrant sense of this informal settlement.

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