Earth poetry

Tamarillo Ceramics create elegant and functional pieces, with more than just touch of local craftsmanship.

From the Series

Tamarillo Ceramics create simple but elegant African ceramics, including plates, jugs, teapots and vases.

From the wall to the table, Tamarillo’s piece are all imprinted with that extra something that tells you it was lovingly made in South Africa.

With John Keats’s quote “the poetry of the earth is never dead” as a reference point, Tamarillo’s creations take their cue from the four natural elements, namely earth, air, water and fire.

Each of these elements are involved in creating a piece of work. Tamarillo says: “Many a creative South African hand has touched each creation, from the excavating of South African earth, to the refining of that earth into clay, to the many men and women who cast them into these objects as art.”

See Tamarillo Ceramics at Design Indaba Expo from 2 to 4 March 2012.