Drawing sounds

"Looks Like Music" is an interactive installation that brings drawing and sound together with the help of miniature robots.

Sounds, drawn lines and robots come together in Yuri Suzuki's latest interactive installation. 

Japanese media artist Suzuki has developed an audiovisual installation titled "Looks Like Music" for Luxembourg museum, MUDAM, earlier this year. 

The interactive installation follows in the footsteps of Suzuki's previous project, "Colour Charter", which aimed at creating engagement amongst viewers and sparked social interaction.  

"Looks Like Music" consists of a series of oddly-shaped miniature robots designed by Dentaku, which detect and follow a designated circuit – a black line traced in marker pen – scattered among colour reference points that the mobile objects are able to translate into sound. The installation aims to engage visitors by inviting them to participate in the creation of an orchestra. This is done by extending the circuit drawn on paper with coloured markers. 

The installation sees a total of five different colour chasers that translate the drawing into a symphony of music composed by Mark Mckeague. Each shape produces unique sound content such as drum samples and computer noise percussion to create playful audible chaos.