DIY art

Discover the Da Vinci within yourself with the fun Let's Make Great Art activity book by illustrator Marion Deuchars.

Did you know that under Cleopatra’s rule thousands of Purpura snails were crushed to produce a highly-prized purple pigment?

This is just one of the interesting facts about colour and art that children can learn in a new drawing activity book Let’s Make Some Great Art.

Illustrator Marion Deuchars designed this interactive ideas book for children, intending to spark their creativity and encourage them to explore their drawing skills. More than that, it’s about having fun and giving expression to your imagination.

Let’s Make Great Art starts with a materials exploration, where Deuchars gently encourage readers (doers) to play with perspective, shading and depth to gain an understanding into how drawings work.

One of the main features in the book are the ideas inspired by the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Jackson Pollock, Damien Hirst and nine other celebrated artists. Readers are shown, step by step, how to recreate Mona Lisa’s smile, Pollock’s action paintings and Hirst’s shark in a tank.

The book also has simple drawing games and instructions on how to draw everything from a bird to a bicycle.

It is a great way to distract children (and adults) from virtual entertainment to explore their own creativity.