Digital view

Jon Stam’s Imaginary Museum prototype project explores the ways in which we ascribe meaning to our virtual experiences.

Taking the stance that in an increasingly digital and mobile society it is important to consider the ways in which virtual things are given meaning, Jon Stam’s latest project considers the connection between the virtual and the real.

Imaginary Museum is Stam’s prototype project that experiments with new ways to experience and share virtual things in a physical space. Using a hacked View-Master with micro LCD screens, Stam aims to capture the information from our networked technology and present it in a meaningful exhibition format.

Stam’s prototype uses RFID technology to trigger still and moving digital collections inside the viewer. He is keen to further develop the project in order to make the archive an open participatory project. “It is my wish to enable anyone to contribute their own sequence of meaningful digital ‘things’ to the Imaginary Museum, and that the collection can be interacted with physically,” Stam says.

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