Design that envisions a better future

No Waste winners, parks that halt climate change, & fashion that empowers…

Design can do so much to imagine, create and build a better world. From products that are lighter on the environment, to clothing that empowers and employs people, or public spaces that inspire and beautify... 

The sweet 16

After six months of suspense, What Design Can Do has finally announced the ultimate winners of the No Waste Challenge. Inviting the global design community to come up with ways to combat waste, they received 1049 entries from around the world. Here are the 16 winners that stood out from the crowd. 

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The grass is greener

Former #DI Speaker Peter Veenstra has teamed up with renowned landscaper Piet Oudolf to envision the future of the urban landscape by looking at public gardens. Their collaborative book and exhibition examines the role gardens and green spaces can play in combatting climate change. Unearth more on our site.

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Fashion-forward Emerging Creatives

Our #DI Emerging Creatives strive for a better future – whether it’s art that inspires, or in this instance, fashion that makes people feel better about themselves. Catch this week’s exclusive interviews with fashionistas Azola Tanzi and Chifunilo Mulusa.

Tailor made

Azola Tanzi’s eponymous fashion brand Azee Tanzi aims for excellence by way of superb tailoring. While primarily focused on women’s fashion, she’s branched into menswear recently, too. Her goal? To make people of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable and confident in her clothes via statement-making silhouettes. Find out more.

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Fashioning a future

Chifunilo Mulusa brings a sense of empathy to her fashion practice. The designer, who studied in Milan, believes in a timeless aesthetic, but also believes in giving back. Ultimately, she would like to empower her community through her business by training skilled artisans who can in turn uplift others. Read our exclusive interview, here.

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