A' Design Awards & Competition is calling for submissions

The awards aim to highlight, advertise and advocate good design, designers and design-oriented companies.


The A' Design awards aim to encourage designers to create superior products or projects that benefit society while also helping to create global awareness for good design by promoting the very best design from across the globe. 

Entries are open to designers in categories including Good Industrial Design Award, Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award, Good Service Design Award, and Good Fashion Design Award.

Entries will be judged by an international jury panel of scholars, professionals and members of the media.


The award also differentiates itself from other design competitions for their immense focus on promotion and publicity of winners. Some of the 2017 winners include the Anemone sofa by Yi Xuan Lee (above). The sofa won a golden A’ Design Award in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Competition category.

Lee says she mainly wanted to create visual tension with the sofa and create something that was outside of the box by using contrasting things you would not consider in a traditional sofa. Anemone is used to protect fish under the sea and with it enlarged at this scale she wanted it to make people feel less afraid.

The winning design for Fire Fang Vodka took inspiration from shadow puppets while also reinforcing the bold notion of the product. Vodka's taste is hot, such as flames like a tiger. It is fighting the nation of Russia's traditional drink, brave like a wolf. It also is fast and flexible with a variety of fruit wine and the preparation of pre-tune wine, like a jaguar.

These designs with tigers, wolves, and leopards, respectively express the three characteristics: violent, brave and flexible.

To read more about the winners featured above as well as others, please visit the website.

Submit your nominations before the deadline on February 28. The winners will be announced on April 15, 2019.