A delicious way to die

This surreal cookbook details the most heavenly ways to enter the afterlife.

How To Kill Yourself With Chocolate

Lava muffins, chocolate spread, lavender truffles and subtly distilled choco whisky cocktails are just some of the delectable ways to die found in creative duo Martina Lang and Valentine Ammeux’s seven-year project. How to Kill Yourself with Chocolate is a surreal cookbook that combines photography, graphic design and 30 mouth-watering chocolate recipes.

Recently launched on Kickstarter, the book is the product of extensive research and experimentation. According to its designers, the concept is based on Theobromine. Commonly found in cocoa, this alkaloid has lethal potential in sufficient quantities. Here, it comes served in a glossy, softcover A3 book.

How to Kill Yourself with Chocolate

Both graduates from Central Saint Martins Colleges in London, Land and Valentine pursued their love for chocolate and graphic design in 2012.

“We did a lot of research and played around with the fantasy of chocolate running every aspect of one's life! As we were pushing the dream of consuming the 'food of gods' without moderation, we came across Theobromine…,” writes the duo.

“Theobromine is a subtle toxin found in cocoa. It is responsible for the good mood and stamina that chocolate brings to its eater. Overdosing on it though can lead to chocolate poisoning. We calculated that the deadly dose for an average weight British adult is reached when 7.74 kg of dark chocolate are consumed within 24 hours.”

How to Kill Yourself with Chocolate

They decided to use this knowledge to create the most heavenly way to enter the afterlife.