Crunchy munchy

Have your cake and eat the dish it is served in too! sugiX’s design will spare you dishes and a thought to the environment.

From the Series

Drawing inspiration from the self-sufficient lifestyles of traditional villages, Japanese designer sugiX has created the “Kup”, or edible cup.

sugiX’s Smile Park project looks at ways of creating sustainable products, based on his experiences of living in developing areas, including Laos and Papua New Guinea.

The village inhabitants in these areas all use ingredients from nature to eat and almost only create biodegradable waste. Thus the Kup is made from rice flour, enabling disposal by eating it. The name “Kup” also takes it name from the combination of “kuu”, the Japanese term for eat, and “cup” in English. The Kup can be personalised with the user’s teeth marks, or used in hunger pains emergency!

Smile Park products are manufactured with local knowledge and grass-roots efforts, with the aim to ensure affordability and a practicality that can easily be incorporated into a daily routine.