Copy right

Frost* Design have created a clever new logo for the Copyright Agency.

From the Series

The Copyright Agency, a not-for-profit organisation that connects creators and the users of copyright materials, now has the copyright symbol as part of their visual identity, thanks to Vince Frost’s Frost* Design.

The new identity is part of the Copyright Agency’s rebrand, which Frost* undertook.

By embedding the copyright symbol into the Copyright Agency’s identity, it allows the agency to “own” the well-known symbol, highlighting its goal of promoting the right way of copying material.

The copyright symbol inside the Copyright Agency logo also works so that the agency may protect their own mark.

Frost says: “The identity leverages that idea that the company is a ‘guardian’ of copyright, a contemporary, confident aesthetic communicates that the Copyright Agency is in touch with modern society and the ever evolving copyright issues of an increasingly digital world.”