Concept artist merges Maasai warriors with sci-fi tech

Rodrigo Galdino imagines what it would look like if traditional Maasai warriors integrated alien tech into their culture.

Los-Angeles based concept artist Rodrigo Galdino has used his talents to illustrate the wonders that could emerge if a fictional tribe of Maasai warriors, detached from civilisation, stumbled across advanced alien technology. The result is a captivating conceptual series of images that combine vivid African aesthetics with otherworldly machines.

The Maasai are a Nilotic ethnic group of semi-nomadic people inhabiting southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Galdino’s illustrations form part of a final Art of Design project that sought to merge traditional, religious nature and culture of the Maasai tribe with high-end technology. Galdino is also an automotive and concept designer at the VW Design Center, California. The following images are his design for a Maasai vehicle and the characters that would operate it.

What if after human annihilation by a lethal virus brought by aliens, the only survivors were the beautiful and strong Maasai people? What if they learned the alien technology left behind after their (aliens) evacuation, and merged it into their culture, without losing their identity and beliefs? How would it look?

This artist's work was originally published on African Digital Art.