Commercial sides

The Billboard House by Thai designers Apostrophy's offers an interesting and feasible alternative to outdoor advertising media.

Bangkok-based multidisciplinary design studio Apostrophy's recently created the “Billboard House”, a residential prototype that combines outdoor media with traditional housing.

The project, which exhibited in Thailand recently, looks at ways of reducing visual pollution in the city, while also finding ways to promote capitalism.

Apostrophy's worked with the idea that three different parties could all benefit from the Billboard House. The first beneficiary would be the client who seeks to make use of the advertising function of the billboards, the second would be the owner of the property that houses the billboards, and the third would be the agency that coordinates the transaction that happens between the two former parties. As such, Billboard House is also a response, and possible solution, to the rising costs of outdoor media in Thailand.

Furthermore, Billboard House is based on a system that allows for the lease of the space to be paid in instalments, an arrangement that benefits both the client and the home owner.

The multi-storey design of the Billboard House sits on a trailer base, which works as the transportable foundation. The one façade of the house boasts a trivison billboard while the others contain iron panels that can be moved to create different patterns. The interior space has also been designed to make the most efficient use of all available space. Solar cells on the roof of the Billboard House work to produce energy and hydroponic plants on the handrails provide the food.