Colourful cityscapes

An interactive installation, Build Up! by the Rockwell Group’s LAB invited guests to help design a virtual cityscape.

In recognition of the 25th Anniversary Honour Award gala of the National Building Museum in Washington DC, design firm Rockwell Group’s LAB created the interactive Build Up! installation.

A playful, collaborative effort, Build Up! invited guests at the gala last week to work together to create a virtual cityscape that was projected onto a suspended structure above the gala space.

The installation consisted of a four-sided hanging screen. Using iPad-embedded pedestals, guests were able to generate colourful, animated buildings that they could then “push” into the projected cityscape. The LAB explained that the more buildings the guests added to the city, the more the environment would come to life.

Build Up! was the result of an exploration of concepts and technologies by the LAB. It also incorporated their interest in play, storytelling and spectacle.