Up in the clouds

These designs draw inspiration from the everyday cumulus.

Making Weather

Making Weather

Product, lighting and furniture makers Richard Clarkson Studio is known for its innovative perspectives on traditional materials. In a 2016 project called Making Weather, the studio partnered with Crealev to make a cloud the centrepiece of a living space. The mid-size cloud, which floats above a reflective oval base, is capable of full rotational movement and slight vertical bobbing. The floating cloud also has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and sound reactive LED lights. The first prototype was recently released and the partners hope that this will soon become available as a commercial product.

Asif Khan’s Cloud

A work of experimental architecture, London-based Asif Khan’s Cloud project is a floating roof made simply from helium gas, water and soap. It’s a bit like an instantly deployable structure in your pocket.

Cloud - Design Miami/ Basel, Designer of the Future 2011 from Asif Khan on Vimeo.

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The party cloud

 Photo Credit: Charlott Ommedal

A walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail saturates the air in Bompas and Parr’s cocktail bar, aptly called Alcoholic Architecture. The sweet-tasting haze forms part of the architectural food company’s celebrated installation in which patrons spend an hour at a time ingesting alcohol through their lungs and eyeballs while sipping on monastic-inspired libations.

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Ken Kawamoto’s Tempescope

The Tempescope physically creates weather conditions, letting users share the sky from anywhere in the world.  It’s an ambient physical display that reproduces weather conditions according to the weather forecast anywhere in the world. “It's like having a window that lets you look outside at tomorrow's sky,” says Kawamoto.

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