Clothes designed to correct poor posture

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Jeffery Heiligers designed Posture – a clothing line tailored to prevent poor posture caused by leaning over your desk .

From the Series

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Jeffery Heiligers designed Posture, a collection of garments designed to correct poor posture and prevent posture-related problems that stem from slouching at a computer.

Heiligers, a graduate from the department of Man and Well-Being, worked closely with Man and Well-Being on a tailoring system that prevents slouching, and back, neck and shoulder pain. It took Heiligers two years to perfect the technique.

The designer repositioned the standard location of seams in clothing to occupy awkward positions in Posture so that they start to pinch and feel uncomfortable when the wearer begins stooping. The discomfort is intended to stimulate the wearer to sit up straight. Posture ultimately trains the muscles to support the upper back on its own

This tailor-made remedy corrects the poor postures of the digital generation, not by fixating the muscles, but by training them. The more it is used, the less it is needed.

The practicality and technology sewn into the garments don’t outweigh the fashion aesthetics– the collection follows a muted colour palette of white, grey and navy cotton shirts, felted cardigans, and knitted wool jerseys.

Heiligers hopes to begin selling Posture soon with a shirt retailing at around $300. But the garments need to personalised to be beneficial. Heliegers exhibited Posture at the Design Academy Eindhoven graduate show at Dutch Design Week.