Circle of life

A tad depressing but ingenious: The Bios Urn provides a sustainable way of dealing with human remains.
Bios Urn.
Bios Urn.

Nobody really likes to think about death too much but the environmentally savvy will be happy to know that there is an eco-friendly way to go.

The Bios Urn, a project by Spanish designer Martín Azúa, has created a sustainable way of leaving the world. Tapping into the romantic, or perhaps reassuring, notion of life after death, Azúa has created an urn that is biodegradable.

Bios Urn is made from coconut shells, compacted peat and cellulose, Inside, it has tree seedlings. So once your remains have been placed in to the urn, it can be planted and eventually the tree seedlings will germinate and grow, feeding off your remains. And so the Bios Urn discreetly helps you complete the circle of life.

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